The Bernina 330, My New Machine

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It arrived!!!!   I was able to pick up my Bernina 330 and it is beautiful!  I took it out of the box and read through the manual so I could start sewing.  But I will go into the sewing details in my next post. Features The foot control has a self storing cord which is… Read more »

The Decision

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Well, after much turmoil, I finally made a decision on which machine I was going to purchase.  I decided on the Bernina 330.  I continued to do research and finally got tired of thinking about the machines and just wanted to start sewing. In my research, I kept seeing the suggestion to choose your machine… Read more »

The Machines

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Brother The Brother’s are much more affordable than the other brands.  They have literally every option you could imagine you would ever want on a sewing machine.  They come with several different feet, an abundance of stitches, and many other features.  Most, if not all, have a top load bobbin.  They are lightweight but that… Read more »

Researching Process

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Back and Forth On one hand, I really want a new machine.  On the other hand, should I be spending money on a hobby that I don’t know if I will love.  I think I have a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other.  So I figure researching to find out what… Read more »

Starting the adventure

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I am starting this blog to document my journey with sewing; the good, the bad, the ugly, and the finished product (hopefully not ugly!). Reason to Sew The one practical reason I want to learn to sew is so that I can hem my own dress pants.  I am 5’2” and no longer growing so… Read more »