Makeup Bag

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I wanted a makeup bag to match my toiletry bag so I decided on a smaller version of the same design.  I would actually not mind it being even a little smaller than this one.  Since I made the toiletry bag too tall, I figured I could fix that mistake this time and I found… Read more »

Kindle 3 Case

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I don’t know if you remember this post; ya know, the one where I made an attempt at a Kindle Case.  Well, I finally made one that works for my Kindle 3.  I am very pleased with the outcome. I still used this tutorial from Sew, Mama, Sew to get the basic design, but made… Read more »

My First Major Mistake

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I attempted to make a Kindle case but I could not find a tutorial online for one I liked or for the Kindle 3.  So I took a few different ideas from other case type tutorials and attempted it.  I used this one to help get the dimensions, and this one as the basis of… Read more »

Lil Cutie Pouches

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I attempted a more difficult project than the crayon roll. It is a tutorial by Anna from called Lil Cutie Pouches. It even includes a zipper which I have no experience with whatsoever. She did a fantastic job with the tutorial. I started out by reading over the whole thing and visualizing exactly what… Read more »