Strap Tutorial – Two Pieces of Fabric

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Here is the second strap tutorial that I wanted to show you.  This one is the easiest to do if you want to use two different fabric designs.  I like this method but the strap isn’t as substantial as the version with one piece of fabric. To start out, cut out your strap pieces from… Read more »

Strap Tutorial – One Piece of Fabric

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I wanted to share one way that you can make straps for a bag.  For this method it’s best to use one pattern of fabric. To start out, figure out what size you want your final strap to be.  This of course will depend on what you are making and how the strap is being… Read more »

Elastic Waistband Tutorial

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I was making a few skirts for a coworker’s daughter and thought I would take pictures of the process of making an elastic waistband. To start out, fold and iron the edge in by about a 1/4 of an inch.  If you have a serger you can also serge the edge. Next, fold and iron… Read more »

Changing a Rotary Cutter Blade

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Changing a rotary cutter blade is a pretty basic thing to do but I thought a post about it couldn’t hurt, right? This is what it looks like from the front (well, what I consider the front). There is a a black nut on the back that you loosen to get the orange screw off. … Read more »