Crayon and Notebook Holder Tutorial

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Well, it’s finally ready!  The crayon and notebook holder tutorial that some of you have been waiting for.  I first posted about this, oh, about a year ago!  Gasp!  I can’t believe it was that long ago that I first attempted this.  My goal with this was to make it so that the fat crayons… Read more »

Winter/Christmas Table Runner

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I found some Winter/Christmas fabric at my local quilt shop that I thought would make a cute table runner for my mom.  I found this one online and really liked the way it looked so I decided to go with it.  The actual tutorial is here but I liked the way the other one was… Read more »

Christmas Gifts – Button “S”

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This summer while on Pinterest I found this button letter.  I pinned it to my gift board and decided that I wanted to make it for my mother in law for Christmas.  She also sews and I thought this would be a cute sewing themed gift without actually being sewn.  I’m always a little skeptical… Read more »

Christmas Gifts – Hot Pads

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For my husband’s mom’s side of the family we do a grab bag game.  This year I decided to make two hot pads and also gave a few kitchen tools, including a wooden spoon, can opener, flexible turner,  tongs, and a silicon spatula. I made two different sizes for the hot pads.  The larger one… Read more »

Christmas Gifts – More Kindle Cases

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I made a few Kindle cases for gifts for Christmas.  One was for my mom (which I only got a picture of with my phone) and the other was for a cousin. I still really like this case.  It’s super simple to make and incredibly quick.  The major suggestion I have for anyone that is… Read more »