Christmas Gifts – Hot Pads

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For my husband’s mom’s side of the family we do a grab bag game.  This year I decided to make two hot pads and also gave a few kitchen tools, including a wooden spoon, can opener, flexible turner,  tongs, and a silicon spatula. I made two different sizes for the hot pads.  The larger one… Read more »

Christmas Gifts – More Kindle Cases

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I made a few Kindle cases for gifts for Christmas.  One was for my mom (which I only got a picture of with my phone) and the other was for a cousin. I still really like this case.  It’s super simple to make and incredibly quick.  The major suggestion I have for anyone that is… Read more »

Crayon and Notebook Holder

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I made Lillian the crayon roll as my first project after getting my machine.  It works great but I thought it would be nice to always have paper with the crayons so that we can just grab the whole thing and take it with us. So I attempted a crayon and notebook holder. It looks… Read more »

City Tote for My Mom

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When I gave my mom her Buttercup Bag she really liked it but did comment that she prefers a slightly larger purse.  She saw my Keyka Lou City Tote and mentioned that she liked it so I decided to make her one using the same fabric that I used for her Buttercup Bag. I am… Read more »

Phone Case

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I asked my younger sister if there was anything she wanted me to make her.  The thing she came up with was a case for her Samsung Reality phone. Here is what she got.  I pretty much made it the same as my Kindle case. Except instead of a magnetic snap I used Velcro.  The… Read more »