Happy Valentine’s Day

For Lillian’s daycare class I decided to make Valentine’s since there are only a total of eight kids and two teachers.  I made these from noodlehead’s blog.

2011 Valentines for Classmates

First, I printed the image onto white cardstock, then I let Lillian “sign” all of them.

2011 Valentines for Classmates

After that I cut out the cardstock and vellum and then sewed them together.

2011 Valentines for Classmates

Since the kids are all under two years old, I put peach puffs in them instead of M&M’s.  I still made a few with M&M’s for the teachers.

2011 Valentines for Classmates

Here is the vellum that I used.  So cute!

2011 Valentines for Classmates



And the finished product!  I had fun making them and Lillian even enjoyed watching me.  Eventually, she will be able to help.

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