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I’ve seen many people ask how others organize their printed PDF patterns.  So I thought I would share how I organize mine.  But not only that, I want to share a free binder printable for you if you want to organize in a similar way that I do.  All you need to do is subscribe to my newsletter which will let you know whenever I have a new post up on the blog.

I have included 4 different labels…accessories, bags and pouches, adult clothing, and children clothing.  Each one has a full page for the front of the binder as well as one for the spine.  I included one for a 2, 3, or 4 inch spine.  You will just need to cut out the correct size for your binder on the cut lines.

Binder labels

What I do with my printed PDF patterns is fold them and put them into sheet protectors in the appropriate binder.  So it’s more of a visual as to what each sheet protector is holding, I print out the main pattern page and put it in the front.  Then, when I want to sew up the pattern again, I just have to find the binder and sheet protector for that pattern, unfold the pattern, and start cutting out the fabric.

I hope this helped you organize your patterns a little better.  Be sure to grab the free binder printable and let me know what you think!

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