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Owl Backpack

I made this “Easy as a Cinch” bag based off of the tutorial from Make It and Love It.  (I am really starting to love her site by the way).  So check it out and see what you love about it!

It was easy to make with the most difficult part being when you sew the top edges where you leave the  1 1/4 inches open…check out the tutorial so you know what I’m talking about.  I just struggled with getting it to not sew through both pieces of fabric.  If you sew them together then you wouldn’t be able to insert the ribbon.

I also couldn’t find my safety pins so I compromised and used a pin.  Yeah, make sure to have safety pins around and you can probably finish in the half the time it took me.  I wasn’t about to run to the store at 9 at night though.

I wanted to post a picture of Lillian with this on her back but we have yet to get her to wear it.  Any time we try she starts crying or runs from us.  You would think it was the owls but nope, she likes to point to it and say “owl” and “whooo.”  I even got her to put some books into it.  Maybe I will make a tiny one for her doll and see if that helps.

5 Responses to “Drawstring Bag”

    • April

      Thanks!! I thought the fabric was adorable and perfect for Lillian who will be two in June.

  1. Eleni

    This is so cute!!!And the fabric is to die for!! I believe that Lilian will love it!!
    Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

    • April

      Thanks! The fabric is from Hobby Lobby. Lillian still won’t wear it but does play with it.

  2. leigh7911

    I’m a few months late, but this is a really cute bag! I made my kiddo a toddler backpack based on indietutes tutorial when she was about 18 months and she wanted nothing to do with it. Now she loves wearing it (2.5). 🙂



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