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I asked my younger sister if there was anything she wanted me to make her.  The thing she came up with was a case for her Samsung Reality phone.

Phone Case

Here is what she got.  I pretty much made it the same as my Kindle case.

Phone Case

Except instead of a magnetic snap I used Velcro.  The phone is so small that I didn’t want to add extra bulk with a snap, but I still wanted her to be able to close the case.

Phone Case

It’s not perfect but was a super quick project and she said she loves it.  I think it might be harder to sew things this small than it is to sew larger items.

Phone Case

Lillian thinks that everything I make is for her and of course always wants to help when we are trying to get the pictures of the completed project.  This time we let her help for a little while….

Phone Case

but got this when we told her she needed to let us finish before she could play with it.

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  1. kredyt odnawialny

    This is fantastic and just what I need help with! The big day is 9/18/10 at a ranch in colorado. Already have BM dresse that are gray with a hint of purple and am having trouble going from there. I love the soft, subtle, muted colors, but feel like I need a punch of something to spice things up a bit. Please help!



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