Pillowcases for Charity

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My local library did a Million Pillowcases for Charity drive as part of the drive that the America Red Cross was doing.  I decided that I wanted to participate and made two standard size pillowcases. I took the pillowcases to the library on a Saturday and on Monday they posted a picture on their Facebook… Read more »

Great First Project–Pillowcase

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I found what I think is a super easy project and it would be fantastic for a first project to try out sewing.  It is a basic pillowcase!  I can’t believe I haven’t made one until now!  I followed this tutorial and got the measurements for the travel pillowcase from here. The pillowcase is so… Read more »

How to Make Binding (Bias Tape)

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I have used binding (some refer to it as bias tape) for a few projects so I thought I would share a tutorial on how to make it.  I have never made true bias tape; I have always made what they call binding. The difference between actual bias tape and binding is that bias tape… Read more »

A Little About Interfacing

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When I first started sewing I was really confused about interfacing.  I had absolutely no idea where to even start.  My friend gave me samples of different types of interfacing and suggested to just try different ones.  Once I found some that I liked, she said to then buy more of it. Image from Sew… Read more »

Skirts, Skirts, and More Skirts

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Skirts are so easy to make and there are a ton of varieties to try as well.  I have made multiple basic skirts, a layer cake skirt, a jean skirt, and I even did an elastic waistband tutorial to share my tips. Here is another basic skirt that I made.  It’s pretty much exactly the… Read more »