Fixed Sleeping Bag

At daycare, Lillian sleeps on a small cot with a sleeping bag.  We had an old one that I had growing up so we have just been using that.  It’s warm and doesn’t have the slick outside, which to me makes it more comfortable than the slick ones.  The zipper has become increasingly worse, so I figured that since I have a little experience with sewing, I will go ahead and try to fix it.

Fixing a Sleeping Bag

It was just a small area that was coming loose but if I didn’t fix it the whole zipper would eventually come off.  I was a little worried that the sleeping bag would be too thick to easily sew the zipper back on.

Fixing a Sleeping Bag

So I put on my zipper foot and black thread and sewed away.

Fixing a Sleeping Bag

Low and behold, it worked!!  We now have a fully attached zipper, with zero issues while fixing it.

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