Doll Diaper

Lillian is really into baby dolls right now, and has even been caught making her baby sit on the potty.  So I thought I would make her doll a diaper.  I used Skip to my Lou’s doll diaper pattern found here.

Doll Diaper

This was super easy and quick to make and fit Lillian’s doll perfectly.

Doll Diaper

To make sure it was going to fit, I first took the pattern and “put it on” the doll.  It seemed to be a little big but close enough that I wasn’t going to take the time to adjust it.  Plus, I knew that the seam allowance would make it smaller.

Once I had the pieces cut out, I “tried it on” the doll again, just to make sure it was going to fit.

Doll Diaper

It fit fine, so off to sewing we go.  I kind of forgot (I guess you can’t kind of forget, so I forgot) to leave an opening to turn so I had to rip part of the seam out.  Before turning you need to cut corners and clip the curves.  Here is a great tip for clipping curves from Ashley at Make It and Love It.

Doll Diaper

Ashley also has a tutorial for making a doll diaper but did not have a pattern included.  She did top stitch, which I liked, so I top stitched as well.  This also makes closing the opening easier.

Doll Diaper

I sewed on the Velcro like you would do appliqué because I knew it wouldn’t come off from Lillian pulling and tugging all the time.  Also, I made the Velcro a little bigger on the main part of the diaper than I did on the flaps, that way Lillian didn’t have to attach it perfectly.

Doll Diaper

Try it on the doll and it fits!  Lillian loves this thing and puts it on the doll with a little help.  Takes the doll away, takes the diaper off and comes back to me to have me help put it on the doll again.  I highly suggest making a doll diaper for your child!

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    Awesome – do you have a link for a tutorial on how to do appliques?

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