Buttercup Bag

I never know what to get my mom for mother’s day.  She isn’t the type of mom that likes a lot of jewelry or a spa day or anything like that.  I normally do something that consists of pictures but because it was mother’s day I didn’t want to make the gift from Lillian because then it would be more like grandparent’s day.  So instead, I decided to make her a purse.

Buttercup Bag

I decided on the buttercup bag from Made by Rae.  If you choose to purchase the pattern you also get a larger version along with a license to sell.  You can purchase it here.

Buttercup Bag

This bag is fairly easy, especially if you have made a tote bag.  I changed some of the construction process because it didn’t make sense to me to do it the way that it was written.

I did not change the pleats…if you are worried because this bag has pleats, don’t be!  It’s SUPER easy.  You literally fold the fabric on the lines, pin, and sew to keep in place.  I think the pleats are such an added decorative aspect to this purse.

Buttercup Bag

The pattern has you make the pocket out of the lining fabric but I like the look of using the outer fabric for the lining.

I made the strap longer (30 instead of 20) because I know my mom doesn’t really like short straps on her purse.  I also constructed it the same way that I did for the tote bags.

Buttercup Bag

I found it pretty exciting to sew the top area to the bottom and to see how the pleats will look.  This is when I realized that pleats are super easy and add that “something extra.”

Buttercup Bag

I must not have folded my pleats as much as I should have because this is what I had after sewing the top and bottom pieces together.

Buttercup Bag

In order to fix it I just put the two full panel pieces right sides together and trimmed off the excess.  That way when sewing them together I would know they were the right size, making it much easier to stick to the correct seam allowance.

Buttercup Bag

Another change that I made was to leave an opening in the top of the lining instead of the bottom…this eliminates the need for hand stitching since you will be top stitching anyway.  It also made it possible to insert the magnetic snap after the bag was put together.  This way I was more likely to have it in the right spot.  Which apparently is important for snaps, who knew?!?

I also attached the handle between the lining and outer fabric instead of on the outside of the bag.

Buttercup Bag

I had to add this picture to show off the pleats again, because, well, I am excited about them!

Overall, this bag is adorable.  I would probably make the strap a little shorter than I did but not as short as the pattern says.  I would also like for the bag to have more of a bottom.  Without boxed corners (which a curved bag can’t have) or darts there really isn’t a way to have the bag stand on it’s own.

I think the pattern was a little hard to follow but luckily the concept is about the same as with the tote bag so it was easy enough to change.  So if you are just getting started with sewing, I recommend making the tote bag first.  But do suggest this buttercup bag because it’s a great purse pattern.

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7 Responses

  1. I am trying to make this bag, and this might sound like a stupid question but how did you attach the top curved piece to the bottom and hide all the raw edges? For some reason I cannot figure this out. Thank you for any help, I appreciate it!

    1. Make sure that the right sides of each piece are facing each other. The long curve of the small piece (top piece) should match up to the top curve of the bottom piece (the piece with pleats). This should end up on the top and you will see the wrong sides. So the short side of the small piece will be toward what will be the bottom of the bag. You have to work at it in order to get them to match up and the whole thing will kind of curve.

      If you look at the 5th picture down (under “something extra”) just imagine the two pieces being folded together with right sides facing. That is how it should look if you are getting ready to sew both pieces together.

      It’s hard to explain so I hope this was helpful.

      Good luck

  2. I found a video tutorial on how to sew the Buttercup Bag at Couturier Mommy that might help those who are having difficulty sewing this bag. I hope this will be of some help.

  3. Thanks for your take and directions on this purse. I tried using Rae;s directions and yeah it ended up being messy because I was just following along I had the same problem you did with having to trim off the edges and the seem being on the bottom of the bag. If anyone is wanting to make this bag I would strongly suggest following this tutorial her directions are so much better especially if you’re a beginner like me.

  4. I have some of the pattern pieces. I did not have one for pocket or strap. I have gone all over looking, signed up for Rae’s newsletter, went to the Couturier Mommy site found nothing. I realize pattern is an older one but I have just begun sewing over the last two years. I am in need of help with the collar, lining etc.

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