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Lillian’s daycare asked us to bring in a swimming suit and towel for her so she could play in the sprinkler on warm days.  (I would not want to get 11 two year olds ready to go swimming but that is a whole other topic!)  Anyway, as you probably know everything has to be labeled when it’s going to be kept at daycare.  I normally just put her name or initials on the regular tag but the one on this towel was dark  and I didn’t have a light permanent marker.


So instead, I decided to use the alphabet stitch on my machine.  I originally used the light pink thread on the towel but because of the thickness you couldn’t read her name.  So I decided to make a name tag.


I just took a piece of brown fabric and folded it like I would for a strap, you could probably just fold in the edges or even use raw edges if you like that look.  I just thought the extra thickness would help with the stitch in order to not pull through so much.  I then stitched her name on it leaving enough room around the edge so that when I attached it to the towel it wouldn’t overlap her name.  Then I attached it to the towel.  Now she has a towel that daycare will know is hers.

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