Thank You and Happy Holidays

This post is a thank you to April from Forshee Designs. She was kind enough to give me a copy of Sewing with Oilcloth by Kelly McCants. Not only did she give me a copy but she also got it signed by Kelly for me!! Thanks so much April!


Be sure to check out April’s work in her Etsy shop.  You can also visit her blog, follow her on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.  She does amazing work, which include aprons, embroidery, bags/purses, and more.  Trust me, you want to check our her Etsy shop!

It’s kind of weird because well, both of our names are April and after getting to know each other through social media and email we discovered that we were/are both in accounting and just a few days ago we discovered that we have the same middle name! What are the chances?  Especially since both names aren’t that popular!


I have not had the chance to make anything from this book yet but do plan on it.  Once I have a real review from experience I will post again with my thoughts on this book.  From looking through the book it looks like there are plenty of projects that wouldn’t need oilcloth or laminate to make; cotton would work just fine.

I can’t wait to show you some of the items I made for gifts for my family, but of course they will have to wait until after Christmas…which isn’t that far away! I’m pretty excited about this Christmas because Lillian is 2.5 and I think she is really going to get into it. We have already had one Christmas and she loved handing out gifts as much as she did opening them.

I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday and gets a ton of sewing supplies!  Be sure to report on any goodies that you are excited about and I will do the same.

Happy Holidays!

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