Christmas Gifts – More Kindle Cases

I made a few Kindle cases for gifts for Christmas.  One was for my mom (which I only got a picture of with my phone) and the other was for a cousin.


I still really like this case.  It’s super simple to make and incredibly quick.  The major suggestion I have for anyone that is going to make one is to use the thin magnetic snaps.  It’s not a big deal to use the thicker ones like I did but the thin ones would make the flap lay better.


I got the fabric from Hobby Lobby specifically for this project but have decided that I really like it.  I think I might make a messenger bag for myself with it.  What do you think?

Oh, and I almost forgot.  My sister texted me early Christmas morning and said that now I have to make another one because she got a Kindle for Christmas.  So excited she wants me to make her one and that she gets to enjoy a Kindle as well.

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