Christmas Gifts – Button “S”

This summer while on Pinterest I found this button letter.  I pinned it to my gift board and decided that I wanted to make it for my mother in law for Christmas.  She also sews and I thought this would be a cute sewing themed gift without actually being sewn.  I’m always a little skeptical of making sewn items for other people that sew.

Her sewing room is painted purple so I decided to make the S (initial of her first name) out of purple buttons. I searched on etsy and found Little Red Cottage that sold a variety of buttons for a very reasonable price. The shop got great reviews so I ordered a 100 pack of purple buttons. The variety I received was fantastic! I would highly recommend ordering from them and will again!


I got the document box (I think that was the name of it, it’s thinner than a shadow box but thicker than a regular picture frame and you can see in the picture that it has a door unlike a picture frame) from Hobby Lobby. I used a very light purple piece of cardstock for the background and then of course the buttons.


I printed an S that I liked and then cut it out and traced it onto the cardstock very lightly with a pencil.  I then started with the largest buttons and used permanent glue dots (found at Hobby Lobby near scrapbooking supplies) to adhere them to the inside of the S.  I went from largest to smallest for the buttons until I could no longer see cardstock under where the S was.  For the smallest button’s I had to tear the glue dots, but you can also get smaller glue dots if you find that easier.

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2 Responses

  1. I was the happy recipient of the “S.” It really is much more beautiful in person! The construction is also top-notch.

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