Guest Interview–April Forshee

I want to introduce you to April Forshee from Forshee Designs.  She runs her own shop in which she makes and sells a variety of sewn items as well as a few patterns.  Some of which include laptop cases, aprons, camera straps, and more.  You can purchase her items right from her site.

Last year I asked her to guest post on my site, and while discussing what we wanted to do we came up with the idea of doing an interview.  She then decided that she also wanted to share a tutorial on how to make a lanyard so be sure to stop by her blog to check it out.  She is also selling kits in which you can pick your own fabric.  So if you only want to make two lanyards these are perfect for you!

2012 01 Lanyards-1

Since you are here to learn about April lets get on to the interview….

When did you start sewing?

I started sewing when I was about 9 years old. That’s 21 years ago! Even though I haven’t consistently sewed for 21 years, I have done it off and on.

Why did you start sewing?

I have always loved to make things, so I think it stems from that. I remember borrowing an old encyclopedia from my grandmother that had a paper doll to trace. My best friend and I would sneakily trace them & make their little paper outfits while we were supposed to be doing schoolwork!

Camera Strap Cover-19

How did you learn to sew?

My mom showed me how to wind a bobbin, thread the machine, and backstitch. That’s it. I would mess around and make little things here and there until high school where I took an entire year of sewing, learning the proper way to sew.

What was your first project?

I can’t remember my first first project, but my first official project was a pair of boxer shorts in my high school sewing class.

2012 01 Apron-6

Why do you enjoy sewing?

It’s really simple: I like to make things and I love fabric.

What is one tip you would like to share for those just beginning to sew?

You will have to use your seam ripper. Get one you like and make friends with her! My point in saying this is that you will make mistakes and that you should just rip that seam out and try it again! Fabric is great in that way, that we can just take out the stitch and try again!

Pot Holders

What machine(s) do you use?  Do you suggest it to others?

My main sewing machine is the Janome 3160QDC and I really love it. I would recommend it to others because it feeds thicker pieces through like magic! A lot of times I can quilt things like pot holders & placemats without a walking foot!

My serger is a really basic inexpensive Singer Ultralock and it is fine for my purposes. I only use it to finish fabric edges. I’d recommend this one to someone who is just starting with a serger. I have had this serger for 5 years and it has not given me one single issue!

My embroidery machine is a Brother 780D. I have been really happy with it. The embroidery field goes up to 5” x 7”. If you’re in the market for an embroidery machine, skip the 4”x4” machines and go with the larger embroidery field, even though the price tags on the smaller machines is quite attractive.

Of course, I have 2 other sewing machines that I don’t use!


What are your most used tools (besides thread and a sewing machine)?

My rotary cutter, cutting mat, and my Gingher fabric shears. It is really important to have the proper tools for the project! Spend more on the good stuff in this area! You won’t regret it!

Where do you get your inspiration?

I love to make practical items that people can use and I stay motivated by the wonderful feedback from my clients!

BC Laptop Sleeve Pattern

Do you have a favorite fabric line, designer, etc?

This seems like a loaded question….It seems like I love everything Patty Young designs. Some other favorites are Erin McMorris and Kate Spain’s Terrain line.

What type of sewing do you prefer to do?  quilting, clothes, bags, accessories, etc.

My favorite thing to make is bags! I love the way they come together in the final few steps.

2011 01 11 SS Challenge Cosmo Bag-1

Where can we find you online?

Main Website:

Don’t forget to check out the lanyard tutorial found here and purchase your kit from here

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