Quick Zip Lunch Bag

I made a lunch bag using my friend Erin’s Quick Zip Lunch Bag pattern.  It turned out super cute and Lillian immediately said it was hers.  I knew the bag was going to be small but thought that it might work for my lunch but no such luck.  On the other hand, it works perfectly for taking snacks for Lillian when we go out shopping.


I would recommend this pattern for those with a little experience with sewing.  It is very well written and easy to follow but the zipper is a little difficult to install.  So if you have no experience with inserting a zipper I suggest trying something such as the Lil Cutie Pouch by Noodlehead before attempting this lunch bag.

The only mistake that I can remember is in the pattern piece section it said to cut a piece from the main fabric when it should have been from the lining.  The only other issue I had was that it said to cut the zipper to about 2” beyond the edge of the bag and to me that is too long and looks different than the pictures in the pattern.


Adding a zipper this way is much more confusing than the “normal” way but Erin’s directions were clear.  Just be sure to read them a few times and make sure you completely understand what you are doing before starting to sew the zipper in.

I did end up using Insul Bright to help keep lunch items cold but you wouldn’t need to.  I honestly don’t know how well it works.  It’s kind of a pain to use and I feel like every time I use it I get some of the foil in my eyes!  I will have to test out the bag to see if it really works.  If so, then it’s worth using, but if it doesn’t do much then I think I will pass the next time.


The one thing I would change about this pattern is that I would not leave an opening in the lining, but instead I would leave it in the top when I attach the lining to the outside (like I have in all of my other bags).  Since you top stitch anyway, it will close the opening at that point.  I just prefer not to have to sew an opening in the lining closed.  I think it looks neater.

Overall, I would suggest trying out this pattern.  If you tend to take frozen meals or even storage containers with leftovers for lunch, then I would suggest enlarging the pattern because it’s not quite big enough for them.  If you take sandwiches in baggies then you will be fine with this size.

Be sure to check out Erin’s blog, Dog Under My Desk, to see more of her tutorials and patterns.

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