Winter/Christmas Table Runner

I found some Winter/Christmas fabric at my local quilt shop that I thought would make a cute table runner for my mom.  I found this one online and really liked the way it looked so I decided to go with it.  The actual tutorial is here but I liked the way the other one was laid out better.  In order to get the two different looks all you do is turn your squares.


This was my first real quilting type project and overall I enjoyed it.  What I did enjoy was cutting and piecing it, but I could pass on the quilting and the binding.  But that could be because I only did straight line quilting and then binding I had to redo after sewing the first side on.

The reason I had to redo the binding was because I didn’t sew it close enough to the edge, so when I went to finish the second side it wasn’t grabbing the binding.  I did not want to hand stitch it so instead I took all of it out and started over.  Yes, hand stitching actually might have been easier!


I found that I prefer to press my seams open instead of to one side.  I feel like it gave it a flatter look overall.  It kind of got messy in the back because of all of the folded seams but it didn’t change the look of the top.  How do you prefer to press your seams?

It’s actually quite interesting how this table runner top goes together.  Check out the tutorial to see what I mean.  I could explain it but why; when you can just click over to check it out.


I struggled with what color of thread to quilt the top with because there was light and dark fabric.  I decided on a darker thread and it looks ok, but I’m still not sure if I would have preferred a lighter thread.  The lighter color looks excellent against the lighter fabric on the back.  How do you decide what color thread to quilt with?

Do you have any suggestions for me?

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