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Earlier this week Keyka Lou posted about a weekly goal.  I thought it would be fun to share my goals and see what all of your goals are as well.

My first goal is to finish the bag that my co-worker is purchasing from me.  Yes, my first real order!!  Super exciting!


My next goal is to finish the skirt that I cut out from the top fabric (top of the picture not fabric on top of the pile).  I would also like to at least decide what projects I want to make with each of the other fabrics.

I know I am going to make skirts out of the bottom two fabrics but am not sure which skirts I want to make.  I am thinking one of these ruffle skirts and maybe one of these.  What do you think?  Or maybe I should try my first shirt and make this.  Or a dress?  I do have plain black fabric to go with the prints so I have a few possibilities.

I think I want to make Keyka Lou’s Messenger Bag out of the yellow and grey fabric but am not sure if it will work very well since she suggests using a heavier weight fabric.

My last goal for the weekend is to help my husband get pictures of the projects I have finished so that I can show you guys.

What are your goals for this week or for the near future?

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3 Responses

  1. I made the mistake of cutting out two projects thinking I would have time to sew them and more likely if they were already cut out. One is a pr of flannel pjs with robots on them (he is 31/2) and the other is a hoodie pull over vest. I am sure both will still fit as he is so thin but tall. I will have to get his inseam and make sure the pant legnth is good–if short I can add a solid fabric on the bottom to look like a cuff…..the vest should still fit too. I need to remember not to cut it out until just getting ready to sew it—just in case I get busy and can’t get to it right away….I did make a fleece baby bunting for a baby shower at work today—-I like the quick projects.

  2. Just finished my first kindle case. It’s is a little loopy but over all it came out quite well for my first time. I did it like an envelope fold so that was a little different due to the pattern on the fabric. Next project is a shopping cart cover for my friend that just had a baby. Then I think that I will get back to my Taffy Blouse that is all cut out but put on the back burner (due to nerves about messing it up).

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