Another Lil Cutie Pouch and Zipper Tips

I made a Lil Cutie Pouch for one of the ladies that I work with.  She really liked my tote bag fabric so I made the coin purse in the same fabric, except I used orange for the lining.  At first I wasn’t sure if I would like the orange but I do.


With each zipper I sew, I feel like it gets easier and I find other little tricks.  My newest trick is that my walking foot works better than the zipper foot.  It fits right over the zipper and doesn’t shift the fabric as I sew.  Who knew a walking foot could be used for so many things!


Another zipper tip is to always top stitch; it will help to keep the fabric out of the zipper and I think that top stitching adds more of an overall finished look.  Also, I always use a longer zipper than needed and then cut it once it’s sewn to the fabric.


This was the first time that I added a label to a Lil Cutie Pouch and I was happy that it wasn’t too large for the small space.  I am still using my Spoonflower labels and my only complaint is that I have to fold/iron the edges under so that they don’t fray.

Do you have any zipper tips that you want to share with others?

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2 Responses

  1. Can you help me at all or point me in the direction of a tutorial to do a similar lined zipper pouch, but with the long AND one short side of the pouch being zippered (like an L along the pouch?).

    I am looking at a carrier for a phone on a lanyard, but find it too difficult to get the phone out of a classic “coin purse” when it’s ringing, so figure if I could open up another edge it might help.

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