How to Fix Button Hole Elastic

I think I have mentioned here before that my daughter, Lillian, is very small.  She is almost 3 and only weighs 24 pounds.  For pants she needs 18 months in the waist, but for length she needs 24 month – 2T depending on the brand.  If we get her 24 month pants then the waist is too big.

Luckily, they make 2T pants with an adjustable waistband (we purchased them from Old Navy).  Instead of just adding elastic to the waistband, they put in button hole elastic, so that you can choose the size of the waistband.  Apparently, button hole elastic easily comes unraveled.


You can see in this picture that the button hole elastic completely came apart, because Lillian decided that the string needed to be pulled.  This happened the first time she wore them, so I was a little frustrated, but then decided that I was going to try to fix them.

The elastic really only stretches length wise, so I thought that I would just sew between the button holes in order to fix them.  Basically, making button holes again.


Guess what?!?  It worked!  Now she can wear these pants again, and I didn’t have to try to return them or spend more money by purchasing button hole elastic.  I love when things work out!

Do you have any similar stories?

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  1. on the few “real” pants ada has, we use the button hole elastic because she is slim and i’ve never had those break! go you for fixing it! she actually prefers leggings, you might try that for lillian, they seem more comfortable and flexible in fit.

  2. Thanks for this article. I was looking for ways to sew button holes on existing elastic to see if it can be done, and your attempt proves it! Thank you!

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