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When I first started sewing I was really confused about interfacing.  I had absolutely no idea where to even start.  My friend gave me samples of different types of interfacing and suggested to just try different ones.  Once I found some that I liked, she said to then buy more of it.


Image from Sew Sweetness

The problem with this method is that different types of projects tend to need different types of interfacing.  So it really depends on the type of project that you are making, and the feel and look that you want.  I still don’t everything about interfacing and should really try out different kinds, but I have found a few that I really like and tend to stick with them.

The number one interfacing that I use is Pellon SF101.  I use it for every bag that I make and fuse it to both the outer fabric and the lining, unless I am also using Pellon Fusible Thermolam Plus.  Then I fuse the Thermolam to the lining and the SF101 to the outer fabric.


Image from Sew Sweetness

A few tips for interfacing

  • ….use it!  You won’t regret using interfacing, but you will probably regret not using it.
  • Follow the instructions that come with each type of interfacing on how to fuse it to your fabric.
  • You can cut your fusible interfacing a little smaller than the pattern pieces and there will be less bulk in your seams.
  • Always iron your fabric before fusing interfacing on, otherwise you will have a wrinkled mess.

If you have specific interfacing questions, let me know.  I know it can be difficult to know how to work with interfacing and what interfacing to use.  I have tried to mention what interfacing I use with each project, but since I mainly use SF101 now, I haven’t added it to my posts.  If you click on interfacing to the right of my blog under categories you can see the posts that include interfacing tips.


Image from Pellon

I also wanted to share a blog post about interfacing for bags that I think is fantastic.  It was written by Sara from Sew Sweetness.  She loves interfacing and has actually written another interfacing post as well.  Be sure to check out those two blog posts, along with her blog for Purse Palooza 2012.

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