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By now you have probably heard of Prudent Baby.  If not, then you should check out their site!  Awhile ago, they had a giveaway for business cards from and I was one of the winners!!!  I was super excited because I had been talking about getting some business cards, so this was perfect timing.


My husband does all of the designing for my “image” for sewing novice.  He designed my logo and my website with some input from me.  Together, we designed my business cards and I’m pretty excited about them.

I wanted the cards to be blog cards more than business cards, so on one side we put the logo and my name, along with the website address.  The other side, we added my name logo (the pink one) and all of the social media links for my site.  Do you may remember my labels with my name logo on them that I got from Spoonflower?

About the cards…they are fantastic and I have no complaints about them.  They are thick and the printing is exactly how we expected it to be.  It was easy to upload the image design, but you can also use their site to help you design your cards.

As a side note, if you do get business cards from, be sure to read their templates and guidelines section under FAQ’s.  If you don’t upload the proper file format, then the printing might not be as clear.

I would recommend using for your business cards.  They have a lot of options (the MiniCards are adorable!) and the cards look very professional.

So are you up to any sewing this week or are you obsessed with the Olympics like I am?

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  1. I think I remember you mentioning you won these, though nope, haven’t heard of PrudentBaby, but I think I’m the anti-mommy blogger. 😉 Anyway, those look really nice and make me want my own cards. Kudos to your hubby for the design and to!

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