Lined Drawstring Bag

For awhile now I have been eyeing Jeni’s Lined Drawstring Bag.  She has a free tutorial and also sells a pattern.  I used the tutorial for this bag, but I also purchased the pattern.  The advantage to buying the pattern is that you get multiple sizes, as well as calculations to make whatever size bag you want.


I made this bag thinking that I could use it as a travel bag for toiletries, but Lillian decided that it was hers, so now it holds markers most of the time.  Other times it has blankets, dolls, puzzle pieces, you name it and it’s probably made it into this bag.  She also thought it was a backpack and wore it as if she were going on a hike.


The tutorial was super easy to follow and the bag has so many options.  I used three different fabrics and then ribbon for the strings, but you could just as easily use four fabrics or even less if you don’t like the look of so many different patterns/colors.

The pattern does not require interfacing which is nice, but I think you could use a lightweight interfacing if you want it to be a little more substantial.  It’s also a pretty quick project, especially if you use ribbon for the strings.

I definitely plan on making more of these.  At least one so that I can use it!  At least Lillian loves the things I make.  I’m thinking a few as Christmas gifts because who can’t use a cute bag like this?

Be sure to check out In Color Order and Jeni’s pattern shop as well.

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