Lillian has been asking me to make her a blanket for her dolls for awhile so I decided to make a quilt.  I figured it would be nice practice and probably a good idea to start small.  It’s 19 1/4 x 19 1/4 in size and I wish that I would have made it bigger because I love it!


I was thinking that I would make it 20 x 20, but I forgot to account for 1/4” seam allowances on all sides of the squares.  Each square was cut to 4 1/4” which made for easy measuring and cutting.  You could make the squares any size and the quilt would still turn out.


I did straight line quilting on each side of the seams.


Which I think looks even neater on the back.  I was able to get such straight lines because I used my “stitch in the ditch” plate on my walking foot and quilted from the front of the quilt.  I placed the guide in the ditch of each seam and followed it all the way down the quilt.  I just moved my needle all the way to the left or right to get a line on each side of the seam.


Since it was a quilt for Lillian I thought it would be cute to have her hold it.


She kept holding it higher and higher….


Until we could no longer see her head.  It also shows how small the quilt really is.


The wind almost took it away, but that was ok with her because she was more interested in the bubbles that she found.  I guess the wind is better for bubbles than quilts anyway.

Completely random, but these pictures were taken at the end of September and I just noticed that Lillian actually wore the exact same outfit today.  What are the chances?

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