Toddler Belt

Have you made a belt before?  It’s fairly easy and quick with a lot of possibilities.  You can piece it like I did, or just use one or two fabrics.  You could get larger D-rings and make a wider belt if the belt loops are big enough.

My daughter is in size 2T pants, but only if they are adjustable.  She definitely needs that size for length, but she is so tiny that the waist is big.  I kept mentioning that I was going to make her a belt and I finally did!


I used this tutorial by Ashley from Make It and Love It, but honestly, I wouldn’t suggest doing it this way.  Actually, I wouldn’t suggest using two pieces of fabric and then making a tube and turning.  I like the look of piecing scraps together, especially if making it for a child.  The rest of the tutorial I would still follow.


The reason I don’t like making a tube and turning is for a few reasons.  First, it’s near impossible to turn and I just get frustrated.  Second, even with ironing, I feel like it’s really difficult to get the seams flat.

Instead, I would probably make it just like a strap, but I think I would skip the interfacing so it wasn’t too thick.  Then, once that part is done, I would follow the tutorial again in order to finish the belt.  The nice thing about this belt is that the length doesn’t really matter.  If it’s too long, then you can just tuck the extra into the belt loops.  It might not look as great, but I bet no one will even notice.

This could be a great gift for someone, so keep that in mind when coming up with gifts for Christmas.  Speaking of Christmas, I should probably get to sewing gifts!  Have you started any Christmas gifts yet?

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