Convertible Pants

Shortly after I discovered Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop I purchased the Pier 49 Convertible Pants pattern.  I really liked how the pants on the cover were made of white fabric so I decided to make a pair for Lillian.  I knew this could be a bad idea for a 4 year old, but oh well.

Pants rolled up

As you can see, these pants can be either pants, capris, or shorts (probably best as long shorts, but you could definitely make them as short as you would like).  I made them capris, but you could easily change where you put the button and tab to make them shorter.  Amy explains that in the pattern as well.


I have to confess….I actually made these a while ago, I think before summer was officially here.  They were way too big for Lillian then so she didn’t want to put them on.  Then I kind of forgot about them and just didn’t take the time to pressure her into wearing them for a picture.


I’m so glad I had her try them on again because they fit much better now.  I still need to find some cording to make a belt for them, but otherwise, I think they are super cute.


These were the first pics of our photo session on Sunday, so she was having a lot of fun with getting her picture taken.  To stay more up to date on what I’m working on be sure to like my page on Facebook.


I let Lillian pick out the accent fabric and she of course wanted purple.  When looking for buttons to put on the pockets, I knew it would be near impossible to match purples, so I instead chose green.

Convertible pants button detail

Speaking of the pockets…I changed the way they are attached to the pants.  They aren’t really pockets, just the flap, so I decided to sew them completely down.  That way, after being washed, the corners don’t curl up.  Which ultimately doesn’t matter too much since I used quilter’s cotton.  It gets pretty wrinkled after washing so I need to iron the pants anyway.  Hey, I tried!


Overall, the pattern was easy to follow.  I did get confused with the elastic waistband, but that is because I didn’t follow the pattern as closely as I should have.  For these pants you just put the elastic in the back, and I was thinking it was all the way around.  So that caused a few issues, but I got it to work in the end.

Pants rolled up with button

I think the pants are adorable.  If you have a super skinny kid like I do, you could easily use a larger seam allowance in the legs to make them not so wide.  But now that they fit Lillian better, I didn’t notice that the pant legs were too wide.

I already purchased some fabric for another pair, but I might wait until next year to make them since we are getting closer to cooler weather and the fabric is sort of thin.  Or maybe I should try to line them?

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate of Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop so I get compensated for any orders placed through the links in this post.

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  1. The pattern was easy to print and easy to follow. You could whip up a pair of these in not a lot of time. I decided to go subtle with the contrasting pockets by just turning the direction of the stripes, and then I added some extra detailing by adding a contrasting lining (not part of the pattern), making the back buttons functional, and using the contrasting fabric on the underside of the pocket flaps.

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