Another Layer Cake Skirt

I’m still catching up on things that I made this summer.  One of my favorites (and Lillian’s as well) is another layer cake skirt based off of the tutorial by Prudent Baby (which is now called Pretty Prudent). 


This is obviously bigger than the first one that I made, but if you go down to the third comment on my original post you will find the calculations that I use to make a skirt that fits.  Once you calculate the size that you need to cut each layer, then this skirt is pretty easy to make.  Ruffles probably aren’t the best if you have never sewn before, but they definitely aren’t the hardest thing to do either.  I know there are some tricks out there to make it easier as well, but I haven’t tried any of them yet.  When I do, I will be sure to share my experience!


The fabric that I used is from Patty Young’s line “Textured Basics”.  I think I purchased it from Fat Quarter Shop, but they don’t have many options in this line any more.  I love the colors and how fun the fabrics are without being over the top.  Lillian has leggings that she wears under the skirt now that it’s freezing out and it still looks super cute.  Most of you are probably just surprised that she can still wear the skirt 6 months after I made it.  That is one advantage to having a peanut….we get a lot of use out of each size of clothing.


Since I have obviously been slacking on blogging lately, I thought I  would let you know that I have still been sewing.  Actually I have been choosing sewing over blogging, so I guess that is a good thing.  I have at least 6 new things sewn since I was super sick at the beginning of the pregnancy.  I think that’s pretty decent considering I only sew on the weekends since I can barely stay awake past 8 during the week.  This baby is sure taking a lot out of me.

Speaking of being super sick.  I wrote a blog post on my personal blog about my experience if you are interested in reading.  On a good note though, I am feeling really well now, other than being super tired and then of course normal pregnancy aches and pains.  I’m officially in the third trimester now and have a few things that I still need/want to sew to get ready for this little guy to arrive.

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  1. Skirt is adorable! Read your other blog. Oh my gosh that is awful! My thought is great birth control – like you had said about if this had been your first pregnancy…. I’m so sorry you had to go through that. It will be worth it in the end but still awful. I guess I have never realized how fortunate I was to never get more than a little queasy. Take care and am anxious to hear more about how you are doing.

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