Grand Slam Tee

I have no idea how to start this post because I made this shirt a LONG time ago….I think before I was pregnant with Owen, so over 2 years ago. Geez!  I don’t feel like it’s been that long!  What is kind of funny is that it probably still fits Lillian.  I doubt it will by the time it’s cool enough again though.   It’s a Grand Slam Tee using Peek-A-Boo‘s pattern.  It turned out super cute except for the collar.


I used knit interlock fabric from Chez Ami (unfortunately, the shop is now closed) and rib knit (also from Chez Ami) for the collar.  It’s great quality compared to the thin stuff I’ve used before.  Quality is really important when it comes to knit.  It really makes sewing it easier.  Plus, interlock doesn’t curl much, if at all, which is yet another reason it’s a great choice of fabric for a beginner.


I haven’t made another grand slam tee since this one, so I looked back through the pattern to jot my memory about how it was sewn together.  It’s very easy to make.  You basically sew the sleeves on and then sew the side seams.  Attach the collar and finish by hemming.  The pattern does come with the option to add a pocket or applique.  If you don’t know much about knit, hemming is super easy because knit fabric doesn’t fray so you don’t even have to hide the raw edge.


Since I wasn’t 100% happy with the collar, I wanted to talk about it for a little bit.  My problem with it is that it sticks out; doesn’t lay flat on Lillian.  Hard to explain, but you can tell in the above picture.  I’m still new at making clothing and using knit fabric so I’m not sure if it’s just something that I will get used to or what.  From the research and many hours on Facebook groups, I think I need to increase my seam allowance so that the collar isn’t so wide.  It might also be helpful to make the collar binding shorter.  I’m not 100% sure about this though.


I already have at least one other grand slam tee planned out in my head, so I will be sure to let you know what I did differently with the collar if it works out better.  I have high hopes that it will!


I wanted to also give you a little update about what has been going on with me.  Owen is now over a year old and he is still working on the whole sleeping through the night thing.  BUT….he is pretty independent so he doesn’t mind playing by himself, actually he prefers to explore the house, so when he is playing, I have been sneaking in some sewing time.  Plus, Lillian is great about helping with him so if we are all downstairs (it’s all open) I can keep my eye on them and listen to them play.

I have a lot of finished projects to show you guys, but not a lot of tutorials.  So for a little while I will probably be doing more of pattern review type posts.  I have been working on getting more organized and now have a place to keep track of what I’ve made and what I have planned to make.  This list includes which projects will be tutorials, so that way I know I won’t forget to take the right pictures!

I am pretty much done with my sewing area, and am excited to show you guys what my area looks like.  Just a few more things to finish and then we will get pictures so I can blog about it.

I hope everything is going well with all of you!

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate of Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop so I get compensated for any orders placed through the links in this post.

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