Matching Thread for Solid Cotton Lycra

Do you ever have problems ordering thread and fabric online because you aren’t sure if you will like the colors?  Or if a specific color thread will truly match the fabric that you want it to?  I did, so I got the swatches for Mara 100 thread, Purpleseamstress solid cotton lycra, as well as Peek A Boo Fabric Shop solid cotton lycra.

Solid Cotton Lycra

I decided to also make it easier for all of you and made a pdf with the matching thread number to the matching solid.  I hope it helps you match your thread to your solids a little better!

Thread Matching

The charts compare Mara 100 thread from Wawak to either the Purpleseamstress or Peek A Boo Fabric Shop solid cotton lycra.

Here is the Purpleseamstress chart

Here is the Peek a Boo chart


Disclaimer: I am an affiliate of Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop so I get compensated for any orders placed through the links in this post.



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