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I’ve been using this pick a pocket wallet for a little over a year and still really like it! It might be the last wallet that I need!  I never ended up putting the metal corner pieces on, but it’s holding up fantastically, even without them.  This was my first ChrisW Designs pattern that I made and it was really a great pattern.  Since Chris is in Australia, the pattern is written using cm, but she took the time to also include the inch measurements.  You can also use the pattern pieces, which are included, but I chose to go by measurements.


There are two options to choose from….mine is option one, which includes the extra card pockets on the left.  Option two includes another zipper pocket instead of the 8 extra card pockets.  I carry a lot of cards so the extra card pockets were a must!  Even with all of the pockets, the wallet still easily closes and isn’t too large or bulky.


I used a Kam snap (Amazon affiliate link) to close my wallet.  If you haven’t used Kam snaps, they are super easy to install and use.  They are plastic, so if you are using a slightly fancier fabric, you might want to use a metal closure.


There are SO many pockets in this wallet!  Of course, the 8 card pockets I mentioned before, the other 4 card pockets and one for your ID.  There are two open pockets under the 8 cards AND a zipper pocket, which I use for coins.  Under the side that has the ID pocket there are two more pockets; one on each side.  It definitely lives up to it’s name!


Now that you know a little more about the options of this pattern, let’s chat about the pattern itself.  If you’ve never sewn before, this is not the pattern to start with.  It’s very well written, but not necessarily easy.  I think that if you take your time, it’s doable for about anyone, but a beginner might get frustrated.  Chris has it labeled as intermediate, which I would agree with.  There are a lot of pieces to cut out and sew together as well as some thicker areas to sew through.


The pattern, in general, is fantastically written!  I don’t recall struggling with understanding any of it.  There are pictures that help with any difficult parts, as well as great explanations.  Due to the many pieces, there are a lot of steps, but I expected that and am grateful for the details which make it easier for me to get a successful end product.


I honestly can’t think of anything negative to say about the wallet.  It holds my cards, paper money, and coins, plus a few small extras like a hair tie.  The only negative thing about the actual pattern is that the last step of topstitching was a little difficult, but I’ve had that issue with other patterns because of the many layers used.  You can only eliminate so many layers with a pattern like this.

I’m kind of on a clothing sewing kick, but do want to try more ChrisW Designs pattern in the future.  I have a few other ones, but need to try them out!  Based off of the pick a pocket wallet, I would highly recommend her patterns.

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate of Amazon so I get compensated for any orders placed through the Amazon links in this post.

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