Fabric Box

I wanted to make something small that I could put my zippers in for storage, so I decided on a small fabric box from The Sometimes Crafter.  I ordered 25 zippers from Zipit on Etsy and had nowhere to store them.  I cannot rave enough about the customer service, fast shipping, and the price from Zipit.

2011 Fabric Box

When cutting out the 4.5 inch squares I found that my 6 inch ruler worked perfectly since I could just measure in 4.5 inches from one side and then cut on both sides of the ruler.  Sounds like it would be obvious since the fabric was a 15 x 15 square but I didn’t pay enough attention until after I cut out the first corner.

2011 Fabric Box

I did not make my lining fabric smaller than the exterior fabric but wish that I would have because it is very loose in the bottom of the box.  It works fine, but doesn’t look as perfect as I would like.

2011 Fabric Box

Interfacing….I am still a little clueless about what is the best to use for what kind of project so I am just winging it.  I have a variety of different types and decided to try out Pellon 809 Décor-Bond for this project.

Overall, it was not my favorite interfacing.  It did not fuse very well to the fabric so I’m not sure if I did something wrong or not, but I was able to eventually get it to bond.  I would probably use something a little stiffer next time, especially if I make a bigger box.

I did consider using Peltex but since you shouldn’t really sew into it, I decided against it.  Do you have any suggestions on which interfacing to use?

2011 Fabric Box

My little assistant didn’t mind the interfacing choice, she never does though.

2011 Fabric Box

After sewing all of the corners together you start to see what the box shape will be like.  Perfect size for my zippers, just like I planned!

2011 Fabric Box

Lots of pins were used to make sure that when I sewed the lining to the outside that the fabric didn’t shift too much.

2011 Fabric Box

After turning right side out and topstitching, we have a finished fabric storage box for my zippers…..

2011 Fabric Box

Or is it a hat?

2011 Fabric Box

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  1. Nice job! It looks great! I recently bought a bunch of zippers and just kind of stuffed them in a drawer, but I like your idea of a fabric box for storing them. I might be making myself another very soon!

  2. Nice job!!! I am also a novice sew-er and I enjoy following you on your journey! I might have to start up a new blog just for sewing! Thanks for sharing what you do!

  3. Thanks! I love how you put sew-er because when I was trying to think of a site name I originally came up with novice sewer and realized that sewer could mean two things. So I switched it to sewing novice to get around that issue. 🙂 I’m glad you are enjoying my site. If you do start up a new blog let me know so I can check it out!!

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