Diaper Cover

I needed a diaper cover to go along with Lillian’s layer cake skirt, so of course I made one.  I used the Diaper Cover Tutorial from Made.

Diaper Cover

Since Lillian is so small I used the 6-12 month pattern instead of the 12-24 month.  She will be two in a week but is only in 18 month clothes.  To figure out which size I wanted, I put the pattern against a diaper cover that we had.  The 12-24 month seemed a little big so that is why I chose the 6-12 month.  It does fit but I might try an in between size for the next one.

Diaper Cover

This was fairly easy to make but sort of a pain in the butt (no pun intended).  You just sew the three edges together (of course leaving the opening for each leg and then the waist).

Diaper Cover

Then comes the “hard” part, again, it’s not really hard but takes awhile and is a pain.  It wouldn’t be as big of a deal if you had a serger because you could just serge the edges.

Diaper Cover

Instead, I had to fold each edge under and then do it again so it made a “pocket” for the elastic.  Inserting the elastic was easy but does take some time.

Diaper Cover

I actually remembered to insert a tag in the back!  I would really like to make or have some real tags with my logo made but for now just some fabric will work.

Diaper Cover

I will definitely be making another one, especially since I need one for the skirt I made Lillian for her birthday party.  It’s a fairly quick project and is totally worth the time that it does take so that Lillian’s diaper isn’t showing.

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  1. How did you fold the legs? I had a heck of a time with the curve of the leg and had to put it down for a day due to my frustration. It came out ok but I need to find a better way to do the legs before I want to try it again. A serger would be really great for this.

    1. I just did tiny sections at a time and tried my best. It’s not really fun at all. It doesn’t have to be perfect because once you put the elastic in it wrinkles anyway. I agree that a serger would be fantastic and considered trying it with my overlock foot.

  2. I just made my first one of these from the Made pattern this afternoon. My daughter is nearly 6 months and is in cloth diapers so I thought I would use the 12 – 24 months pattern. It is too small! Ok in the waist and leg but not deep enough through the body. So I adjusted the pattern and made another one 3 cm deeper and I think it is nearly perfect. I will tinker with the shaping around the legs a little I think. I was actually thinking I would make a few matching covers for her layer cakes as well.

  3. I whipped up a couple more today and the more I do the faster I am getting at the leg casings which at first challenged me!

    I find using soft 5mm knitted elastic perfect for the leg casing and a soft 12mm knitted elastic perfect for the waist. I was using non roll which apart from being expensive, is too stiff and unforgiving for this type of project.

    Please stop by my website (which is actually my blog) and pay me a visit:-)

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