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Lillian's Birthday Weekend

My daughter, Lillian, turned two on Friday and I knew I wanted to make her birthday party skirt out of this fabric.  It is Lil Plane Jane – Black and Red by Michael Miller and I purchased it from Crafty Girls Workshop.

Lillian's Birthday Weekend

Anna from Crafty Girls Workshop was a pleasure to work with. I purchased the fabric when she was having an end of the bolt sale and it turned out that she didn’t have a full yard. Anna was kind enough to give me the option of waiting for a full yard, taking the half quarter and two fat quarters that she had, or cancelling my order.

Lillian's Birthday Weekend

I think Lillian looked so cute in her skirt.  I did notice that the back seemed to be a little shorter than the front but I think that is because of her diaper.  I also made another diaper cover but made the 12-24 month one this time.  It fits perfectly but if she were in a larger size diaper (she wears size 3 in Pampers) it wouldn’t fit the best.  Really, it just needs to be a bit taller which would be fairly easy to adjust.

Lillian's Birthday Skirt

On to the skirt…this is probably the easiest skirt you can ever make.  It’s seriously two rectangles sewn together with a hem and elastic.  Super easy!!  Here is a great tutorial by Dana from Made.

Lillian's Birthday Skirt

I cut out a piece of fabric that was 42 x 10.5 and then cut it in half. I then sewed the two pieces together which creates your side seams. Next, I folded the hem by folding a 1/2 inch and then folding again another 1/2 inch.

Lillian's Birthday Skirt

From there, I sewed the hem.  I think when I make another skirt like this or maybe any skirt for that matter, I will actually make a smaller hem.  Maybe 1/4 or so?

Lillian's Birthday Skirt

I used 3/4 inch elastic so in order to make the casing I folded about 1/4 inch and then an inch.  Then I inserted the elastic, added a “tag”, and closed the casing for the elastic.  After that the skirt was done…no, I’m not joking, it’s THAT easy!

I highly recommend making this skirt if you have a little girl in your life.  I think it would make a fantastic first project.  It’s quick, easy, teaches straight sewing, hems, and elastic.  Now go out and buy some fabric (or raid your stash) so you can get started!

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  1. That is beyond adorable! Just a quick question. What are Lillian’s waist measurements? I want to make a skirt like this for my 9 and 7 year old nieces and need to figure out how much bigger than their waists I need to make in order to get the skirt this full.

    1. Thanks! Lillian’s waist is 17.5 inches. I just used the width of the fabric, but I think the general rule for kids is to double the waist width, and then for adults to multiple by 1.5. I hope this helps!

  2. What a cute skirt! I do love that fabric for little girls. I’ve made two skirts similar with the aqua and red plain jane. If you’d like to share your picture on my Facebook page (search Crafty Girls Workshop) you’ll be entered to win FREE fabric this month! Very cute! It’s so fun to see “my” fabrics in “action.”

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