Skirts, Skirts, and More Skirts

Skirts are so easy to make and there are a ton of varieties to try as well.  I have made multiple basic skirts, a layer cake skirt, a jean skirt, and I even did an elastic waistband tutorial to share my tips.


Here is another basic skirt that I made.  It’s pretty much exactly the same as the other ones I have made because Lillian hasn’t grown a ton.  I did make the hem a little smaller than I have on other skirts because I think it looks better for a spring/summer skirt.


I thought I would try a new version of the basic skirt by adding a solid strip to the bottom.  I made the strip 25% of the total skirt, but I think that is too much, especially since a majority of the very top is elastic and will be hidden by a shirt.  Oh well, now I know for next time, and it’s not like it looks terrible, just not what I had pictured in my head.

Calculations for a Basic Skirt with a Strip at the Bottom

I thought it might be helpful to others if I included my calculations for the skirt.  As I said above, I would do less than 25% next time for the strip at the bottom.  First, take the waist and length measurements.  Then follow the calculations to get your dimensions for each piece.

Elastic: waist minus 1 (see the elastic waistband tutorial before cutting the elastic)

Main Fabric: waist x 2.5 by (length x percentage that you want the main fabric to be of the total skirt) + 1 1/4” for the elastic casing (I use 3/4” elastic) + 1/4” for the seam allowance

Strip Fabric: waist x 2.5 by (length x percentage (100 minus percentage used above)) + 3/4” for hem (1/2” hem) + 1/4” for seam allowance

So my calculations were as follows:  waist 17.5”  length 8”

Elastic: 17.5 – 1 = 16.5

Main Fabric: 17.5 x 2.5 = 42ish by 8 x .75 = 6 + 1 1/4 + 1/4 = 7.5  so that comes to 42 x 7 1/2

Strip Fabric: 17.5 x 2.5 = 42ish by 8 x .25 = 2 + 3/4 + 1/4 = 3 so that comes to 42 x 3

Skirt Tutorials

Be sure to check out my pinterest board for girl’s clothes because I have a variety of skirt tutorials pinned.

I think for the next skirt for Lillian I’m going to try something similar to this with some knit fabric that I purchased.  I also want to try this shirt to match the skirt.  Let’s hope it goes better than my last experience with knit.

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