City Tote for My Mom

When I gave my mom her Buttercup Bag she really liked it but did comment that she prefers a slightly larger purse.  She saw my Keyka Lou City Tote and mentioned that she liked it so I decided to make her one using the same fabric that I used for her Buttercup Bag.11-10-01_KathysCityTote1.jpg

I am very happy with how it turned out!  It was just as easy the second time around as it was the first.  I still really like the fabric and was excited when my mom called saying how much she liked the bag.


I even remembered to add a tag.  It was kind of last minute that I remembered but still in time to add it.  I decided to place it on the pocket so that it was out of the way of the magnetic snap.  I considered putting it below where the snap would go but thought it might look awkward there.


I looked for a button to add to the front and couldn’t find one large enough that matched.  Actually, I couldn’t find any that I liked that matched so I just left it without a button again.  Maybe one of these days I will make one with a button!

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