Crayon and Notebook Holder

I made Lillian the crayon roll as my first project after getting my machine.  It works great but I thought it would be nice to always have paper with the crayons so that we can just grab the whole thing and take it with us.

So I attempted a crayon and notebook holder.


It looks fantastic doesn’t it?  It’s cute material, went together nicely, the paper actually fits into the pocket as do the crayons…


Except when the crayons (fat ones for little 2 year old hands) are put in there it starts to roll up because I didn’t make the crayon pockets wide enough.  You can see what I’m talking near the red crayon.


When you fold it to close it, you notice (well, you can’t because I don’t have a picture of it, but trust me on this one) that 10 notebooks will probably fit into it instead of just one.  Yep, probably exaggerating by a few but not too much!  Well, it was worth a shot, every project can’t turn out how it’s supposed to, right?

Oh well, I will just have to try again, and once I get it right, I will share the details so you can make one for all of the kids in your life!

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  1. Were you following another tutorial for this? I’d love to make this – crayon roll with notebook, but I haven’t seen a decent tutorial for it yet.

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