Zippers Are Fun Even When Sick

This past week was a long week for us.  My baby girl (not really a baby at 2 1/2 but always my baby) was really sick for the whole week.  She ended up getting pneumonia and a double ear infection but is back to her normal self now!  When she was starting to feel a little better and was awake for more than two minutes she wanted to play with mommy’s zippers.

Sick but playing with zippers

While she was sleeping on the couch I got out some fabric, my rotary cutter, and mat and cut out a few projects.  So hopefully I can show the finished products to you soon.

This weekend I worked on the crayon and notebook holder to see if I could actually get it to work.  Yep, another fail, so I have to rethink how I am going to get it to work.

My husband and I have also been working on my bag pattern so hopefully sometime soon I can get that to the pattern testers.  Did I mention my husband has been doing the layout for the pattern and it looks amazing!  I also have to get better pictures for it.


I think that is about all that has been going on here lately.  I did just buy some thin magnetic snaps, D-rings, and strap sliders and rectangle rings from Being Bags as well as six yards of fabric (bad phone pic) from JoAnn’s.  I think I am going to make a few skirts for Lillian, a farmer’s market tote, and some other bag out of this fabric.

What have you guys been sewing?

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  1. All projects have come to a stop until this Saturday. My machine has been being, well , uncooperative. I am going to trade in for a new one. Then I will get to work on completing a shirt (Taffy Blouse from Collettes) and also some phone cases for iPhones. Im very excited to start. 😉

  2. I lurk here, but read along. 🙂 I am gearing up to tackle a scrub top this weekend. Hopefully it turns out 🙂 I found you through your Lil’ Cutie Pouches post (which I made a few of) and have followed you ever since!

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