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If you weren’t aware, Keyka Lou Patterns changed to Michelle Patterns, but they are still the same patterns, just from a different business name.  As you might remember, I mentioned that I was working on the messenger bag.  Well, I finished it a few weeks ago and I think it turned out great!

It’s a small messenger bag, but I’m not a big purse kind of gal so it’s perfect for me.  I love that it has a long strap so that I can carry it across my body.  The pattern has you put a button closure on the front, but I decided against it.  The bag still stays closed unless it’s crazy windy outside.


I made it harder on myself because I used a few different fabric patterns on the outside, instead of following the pattern and using one main fabric and one lining fabric.  I love the look of the two fabrics though and wanted to show off both of them.

When making the bag, I read one set of instructions wrong, but it turned out just fine.  Instead of using thin elastic for the side pockets I used elastic cording.  The only issue I have found so far with this is that it’s near impossible to sew elastic cording, but I managed and it seems to be holding up just fine.


I would have to say that this bag was one of the harder bags I have sewn.  It’s not even that it was hard, but I did really have to concentrate on what I was doing.  There were just a lot of new sewing techniques that I have never tried before…elastic pockets, adjustable strap, front flap, etc.

There were a few areas in the directions that I was a little confused about, but I just kept re-reading that part and it eventually made sense.  (tip: make sure you understand what you are doing before actually sewing.  If that takes an extra half an hour then so be it; you will be glad you took the time to figure it out.)

The pattern mentioned a few spots in which you might get a few puckers, but that it won’t really matter as long as they are small.  I had zero issues with getting puckers.  I suggest taking your time and it will work out just fine.


This is a great pattern, but like I mentioned above, there is a lot that goes into it, which in general makes it a little more challenging.  I think an experienced beginner would be able to make this messenger bag as long as they were patient and just took one step at a time.

I hope you check out Michelle Patterns to see all of her great patterns and if you make the messenger bag, please share a picture so I can see. Also, if you do decide to make the messenger bag and have any questions about it, I will gladly help if I can.

Oh, and one more thing….I purchased the webbing from Sewing Supplies; an etsy shop that sells many different sewing supplies (hence the name) and multiple colors of webbing.  I purchased the cotton webbing in charcoal, but they also sell poly webbing.  For other online shops for various sewing supplies be sure to check out my Where I Buy Supplies page.

Disclosure: I am an affiliate for Michelle Patterns…if your purchase by clicking through to her site from my site I will be compensated.

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