How to Modify a High/Low Hem to a Straight Hem

Welcome to my stop on the New Horizons’ Summer blog tour.  If you haven’t been here before, feel free to look around.  The links at the top of the page would be a great place to start.  After that, I would suggest reading this whole post.  Wink, wink, there might be a giveaway and some discounts if you make it to the bottom and check out the other bloggers in the tour.  But for now, let’s talk about summer clothes!

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My daughter, Lillian, is a basic shirt type of girl.  I mean, comfy fabric, straight hem, not too loose, not too tight, basic shirt.  So since dolmans are pretty basic, I thought I would try the Dublin Dolman for girls from New Horizons to match some of the Portlander shorts that I made her.  The only problem was that the Dublin Dolman didn’t have a straight hem option…only the high/low hem or banded option.  Lillian would have liked the banded option, but she prefers a straight hem.  So it was time to change the pattern a little and turn it into a straight hem.

Girl's Dublin Dolman Straight Hem Modification -
Girl's Dublin Dolman Straight Hem Modification -

Basically, all that you need to do is figure out the length that you want the shirt to be and draw a straight line across the pattern.  Then cut out the pattern at your new hem length.  Below is a video that I recorded (with the help of my husband) to demonstrate.

The Portlander shorts are super comfortable and a perfect option for Lillian.  She now has a few pairs, but I’ll have to share the others at a later date.  I used the CLUB French Terry from Raspberry Creek Fabrics and it is absolutely perfect for the Portlander shorts!  Thick enough that the shorts lay well since there is actually structure to the fabric, and I don’t think they will be too hot since the fit of the shorts allows for air flow around the legs.  I did a reverse coverstitch on the pockets and hem and LOVE the look.  Paired with the cotton lycra shirt, she is ready for summer…at least with one outfit.

Girl's Dublin Dolman Straight Hem Modification -

I also made myself a few Dublin Dolmans that will be perfect for the summer….if it ever arrives!  This one is the gathered back option made from some modal from So Sew English.  The gathered back gives the shirt a little bit of a baby doll style look to it.  As you can see, it includes the high/low hem that I modified for Lillian’s shirt.

Gathered Back Dublin Dolman -
Gathered Back Dublin Dolman -

This one is the banded option and I used double brushed poly also from So Sew English.  I love this option, but if you get hot easily, double brushed poly might not be the best option for you for the summer.  On this one, I did alter the waist to be about a size larger than the bust and hips.  But I didn’t really need to.  The Dublin Dolman has a relaxed enough fit that it’s not too tight in the waist even though it’s technically a size too small compared to my waist measurement.  

Banded Dublin Dolman -
Banded Dublin Dolman -

If you are new to sewing and/or just a little unsure about sewing a dolman style shirt, then my post on how to sew a dolman style shirt will be perfect for you to check out.  A dolman is one of the easiest types of shirts to sew.  As you can tell, you have a lot of different fabric options that will work as well.  The possibilities are endless!  The Dublin Dolman Patterns have a ton of options, so if you like more than just a basic shirt, I highly suggest this pattern.

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You can also use code “NHSUMMER” to get 10% off of one order from So Sew English.  Valid through June 8th at midnight PST.

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  1. I already have the dress. I do not need to know how to alter the pattern or how to do the hem on the sewing machine. All I need to know is how to cut the low back to make it blend with the high front. I am having a problem with the side of the skirt. This is a fuller skirt also.

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