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I decided to once again join the Sewing Blue Blog Tour; which if you recall, is all about sewing for boys.  This time it’s the Boys in Pajamas tour organized by Made for Little Gents and sponsored by Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop.  As you have probably gathered by now from reading my posts, I really like Peek-A-Boo patterns.  They have so many basic patterns for both boys and girls, which is nice since I have one of each.  Be sure to enter the giveaway at the end of this post for your chance to win a $20 credit to Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop.  Don’t forget, they also sell fabric and not just patterns!

For the pajama tour, I decided to branch out from my normal Alex and Anna Winter PJs (other posts are winter pajamas and some Christmas jammies), and made the Comfy Cozy Robe instead (I received the pattern for free since Peek-A-Boo was sponsoring the tour).  This is the first time I have made this pattern and both kids love the robe.


I made a size 4/5 with a hood, technically for Owen, but it also fits Lillian.  It’s slightly big on Owen and slightly small on Lillian; go figure!  I used fleece fabric that I got from Hobby Lobby a few years ago, making it super warm, comfy, and cozy. (See what I did there??)  It was actually leftover fabric from the napmat that I made for Owen for daycare. (Here is the napmat mini tutorial I made for Lillian, unfortunately, I didn’t take pics of Owen’s, but it’s the same as Lillian’s, just with different fabric.)


So far, Owen has worn the robe around the house just to keep warm, as well as after his bath.  I think he had fun wearing it for the pictures and kept wanting me to take pictures of each page of his book.  So we have a lot of pictures where you can’t see his robe, but you can see the pages of Brown Bear.


As with other Peek-A-Boo patterns, this one was pretty easy to follow and sew.  The only confusing part was with attaching the hood.  I felt like if I took the normal seam allowance, that attaching the binding would then be off, so I just sewed the hood on with a minimal seam allowance and then attached the binding and it worked out just fine.


The other difficult part was attaching the pockets.  The thickness of the fleece caused the pressure foot to sort of push the whole pocket.  So I ended up using wash away wonder tape to attach and then sewed them on.  This way, they pretty much stuck where they needed to be with minimal shifting.


I also made Owen the Pajama Party Pants which is a free pattern if you sign up for the Peek-A-Boo newsletter or join their Facebook group.  It’s a gender neutral pajama pant pattern.  I made Lillian a pair a while back, but this is the first pair that I have made for Owen.  They are slightly baggier than I would like, but I decided to make a straight size 4 instead of grading for his measurements.  Note to self, don’t be lazy when making clothes, even if they are pajamas!!

Boys in Pajamas: Blog Tour sponsored by Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop, Hosted by Made for Little Gents

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Ready for the giveaway to Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop? Here you go! Good luck!
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Disclaimer: I am an affiliate of Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop and Amazon so I get compensated for any orders placed through the links in this post.  I also received the Comfy Cozy Robe pattern for free for participating in the blog tour.

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Well, I think I went a little crazy, because I signed up for another testing group, but this time it was for Love Notions.  Kelly, one of the designers, was part of Project Run and Play, and decided to make a pattern out of one of her creations.  I’m so glad she did, because the Navigator Pullover is a pretty amazing pattern!  AND….they plan on also making it into a women’s and men’s pattern, so keep your eyes open for those!  I know that Love Notions is hosting a retreat very soon (I’m so sad that I wasn’t able to go since it’s near where I used to live!) so I’m guessing the other two patterns won’t be released until sometime after that.


The Navigator Pullover is gender neutral, which I love because I can then use the same pattern for both Lillian and Owen.  SCORE!!  I have one planned for Lillian, but haven’t had a chance to make it yet.  I’m so slow at sewing that someone is always left behind.  I mean, we took pics of her bat shirt at the same time that we took these pics of Owen, so hopefully I can get a blog post about that shirt soon!  At least I got it made for her before Halloween.  I’m assuming you recall me mentioning that I was going to make her a shirt out of the same fabric that I used for Owen’s Halloween shirt?


This testing experience was similar to the last, but Kelly let us know right away that we were expected to sew one test and one final.  If we made more than one test, it was appreciated, but not necessary.  It was nice to know upfront what the expectation was since I tend to be a type A personality and worry about not meeting the requirements.  I think we went through 4 or 5 versions (many with minor changes), but because this pattern takes a little longer to make (for me at least) I was only able to make the first version and the final version.


Now a little about the pattern….it has a hood or collar option.  I have only made the hood version, as that is what I signed up for on the testing application.  I love that it’s three parts because I feel that it makes for a better fit.  It’s not hard at all to sew the hood together either; just three basic pieces.  The hood does have a lining and a finished seam at the bottom as well.  Actually, this was the hardest part of the whole pattern for me.  You use double fold bias tape (Kelly includes a video on how to sew the bias tape on) to cover the bottom of the hood seam.  My issue is getting it all lined up in order to have the stitching even on the outside and inside of the pullover.  If I ever figure out a trick, I will be sure to share with you!  Or if you have a trick to share, please leave a comment or email me!  The pattern also mentions sewing it by hand with a blind stitch, but honestly, I can’t stand hand sewing, so I will have to deal with not having a perfect binding.


The Navigator Pullover also has a half zipper which you also should not be intimated by.  Kelly has a great video, included in the tutorial, showing exactly how to sew in the zipper as well as a great tip on how to get the seam to line up.  (Did you see my Instagram post with the green fabric?  Yep, used her tip to get it pretty close to perfect!)  I suggest using wash away wonder tape when installing a zipper.  It truly helps to hold the zipper in place before sewing and makes for a less frustrating installation.  I use wash away wonder tape for a lot of different things actually.  You can also use a washable glue stick or pins/clips, but the wash away wonder tape is much easier and cleaner.  You can get it from Amazon or Wawak.


The Navigator Pullover also includes a banded bottom and cuffed sleeves, which make for an easier finish since there is no hemming.  The pocket goes all the way through (which I learned from the test group is a huge hit with 10 year olds!) which makes it kind of like one big pocket instead of two smaller ones.  Lots of room to store goodies!


Be sure to grab your copy of the Navigator Pullover and keep your eyes open for the hopefully soon to release adult versions. It’s on sale for $7 through October 23, 2018.

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate of Love Notions and Amazon so I get compensated for any orders placed through the links in this post.

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If you sew for any boys, then you should follow the many Sewing Blue Blog Tours organized by Made for Little Gents  that happen throughout the year.  I thought it would be fun to join The Magnificent Wizard Blog Tour since it’s all about Halloween sewing for boys.  Both kids already decided on store bought costumes so I decided on a fun bat fabric raglan for Owen.


I have sewn Halloween costumes a few times for the kids, but it’s one of those things that seems like a waste of money since they are only worn once or twice.  So now I’m basically leaving it up to them on what they want.  In 2015, I made them Jake and Cubby costumes from Jake and the Neverland Pirates, which you can see here.  I also made a trick or treat bag, technically for Lillian, but Owen also used it his first few years of trick or treating.  You can see the bag here, which also includes the dimensions that I used if you want to create one too!


Now on to this year’s project….the fabric I used on the raglan is from Raspberry Creek Fabrics’ Halloween line from last year, but they have a new line this year, so be sure to check it out!  When this fabric arrived, Owen immediately covered up with it and asked if it was his!  I know why though, the CLUB jersey from Raspberry Creek is SOOOOO soft.  I highly recommend it.  They have other great fabric options as well, but so far the CLUB jersey is my favorite.  Their french terry is super cozy too, but it’s more like a sweatshirt type fabric, which would have actually been great for this Jolly Roger Raglan.


The Patterns for Pirates’ Jolly Roger Raglan has been my go to raglan for Owen for awhile now.  This time, I decided to add the kangaroo pocket for a little added cuteness.  I did make Owen a short sleeve one according to his measurements for the first day of school and it fit perfectly (maybe slightly short, but I do have pretty skinny kids for their heights).  So since this is for cooler weather, and we aren’t quite there yet, I decided to size up to a size 5 so that is why it’s slightly big.  I just want it to fit longer.


Even though it’s technically a Halloween shirt, I don’t think it has to only be worn in October.  So fingers crossed that he doesn’t destroy it (aka stain the white) after his first time wearing it.  I’m sure all of you boy moms know exactly what I’m talking about!  Actually, I think Lillian is sometimes worse about ruining clothes than Owen.  Maybe it’s the age?


Anyway, I’m rambling, so let’s move on to the pattern details.  The Jolly Roger Raglan and add on pack are actually two separate patterns.  The Jolly Roger Raglan is the main shirt pattern and includes cuffed long sleeves, short sleeve, or 3/4 length sleeves, a traditional hem, curved hem, or banded hem, as well as elbow patches, and a triangle patch.  So even with just the basic pattern, you get plenty of options.  But, if you want a few extras including traditional hood (which is what I used), cross over funnel hood, funnel collar, or cowl neck, kangaroo or inseam pockets, as well as thumbhole cuffs and a ruffle hem, you will want to also purchase the add on pack.


You can mix and match basically all of the options to get exactly what you want. Raglans are such an easy sew.  I highly recommend them if you haven’t sewn with knits and want to get used to the stretchiness of the fabric.  Adding a hood instead of a neckband will make your first knit project a success!


Do you have any Halloween sewing planned?  For inspiration, be sure to check out what the other bloggers are making for the Magnificent Wizards Blog Tour.
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Well, I tried something new last month…I was part of a new pattern testing group!!  I’ve applied to a few pattern testing calls in the past, but was never chosen.  That is until Jessica, from 5 out of 4 Patterns, decided to choose me as one of many testers for the Eleanor Cardigan that released today.


I have to say, pattern testing is not the easiest thing to do in the world.  The Eleanor Cardigan pattern is luckily an easy sew, because I ended up making three versions in two weeks!  Which probably really isn’t that many for testing a pattern.  But, for me, that is a lot since I’m just starting to have time to sew in the evenings after the kids go to bed.  I also under estimated how much fabric and paper it would take to test a pattern.  And that is after it went through pre-testing!

So, needless to say, if you are considering a pattern test for someone, realize that it’s more work than just sewing up a pattern one time.  Now, don’t get me wrong, it was still a ton of fun seeing the whole process and the behind the scenes of what goes into testing a pattern before it’s actually released.  I feel a huge sense of accomplishment as well as feeling proud that I helped a tiny bit to make the pattern successful for the designer.


My first version is not pictured, as it was too big even though I was right in the middle of the XS for measurements.  Jessica then adjusted the pattern to an overall slimmer fit.  It is supposed to be a roomier cardigan and should overlap in the front to make the belt option look better.  I knew I wouldn’t use a belt so did not make that option on any of the ones I made.  She also made adjustments to include two sleeve widths for those that want a larger wrist opening, and others, like myself, that prefer a tighter fit around the wrist.  Those two adjustments along with a hood adjustment are the major changes that happened through the testing process.


I used a poly-rayon spandex french terry from So Sew English for the above cardigan and it’s super comfortable.  I think this is one of the best stripe matching I’ve ever done and it was, of course, on a test cardigan.  Luckily, it turned out, so really, it’s now an actual cardigan that I can wear!


On the last version that I made (the purple) I decided to add the optional pockets and hood.  This fabric is a sweater knit from Purple Seamstress….I think hacci, but I am not 100% sure.  It must have stretched while sewing, without me really knowing, because the overall cardigan seemed longer than the striped one.  I also made many stupid mistakes when making this version.  I think I was just in too much of a rush and tired to fully pay attention to what I was doing.  It didn’t help that since I had already made two versions, I thought I knew what I was doing, so I didn’t read the instructions as thoroughly as I should have.   So you can’t really tell, but I actually sewed the hood together with wrong sides facing, so the inside of the hood is the right side of the fabric.  I probably won’t ever wear it with the hood up, so it works out ok.  I also put the band on incorrectly, but made it work out ok in the end.  I should have taken some pictures to show you guys!


A few other options that are included are three lengths (tunic, knee, or duster), two sleeve lengths, and elbow cuffs which are really just tie sort of things that you sew in so you can roll up the sleeves to 3/4 length.  They are super cute!  Then, as I mentioned above, you can choose to do the banded or hood option, belt, pockets, and two different sleeve widths.  There is also a girl’s version if you have a little girl to sew for in your life.  Lillian wasn’t interested in having a cardigan, otherwise, I would have made her one too!  We could have been matching!


Both the women’s version and the girls’ version are on sale for $7.95 through Sunday, October 7, 2018, no code needed.  And if you purchase both versions there is an additional $2 off the bundle.  Here is the women’s pattern and girls’ pattern from the 5 out of 4 Patterns website.

Enter below to win the pattern for free.  Giveaway ends Friday night.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate of 5 out of 4 Patterns so I get compensated for any orders placed through the links in this post.

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Lillian doesn’t always want me to sew for her anymore, but it seems like after I make her something, she loves it.  It’s been like that for some time now, so I get a little excited when she asks me to make her something.

We actually just chatted about me sewing for her.  Originally she wanted to buy all of her winter shirts, but after seeing some of what I made for Owen, I think she now wants me to make her more.  I’ve also been trying to let her decide on the fabric that she wants, so that hopefully she’ll like the item even more.  I think sometimes she just can’t visualize the pattern in a different fabric than the picture from the listing (or whatever picture I show her) or she doesn’t want to take the time to pick out fabric.  She must not be my daughter because I could look at fabric 24/7!


For this shirt, we used the same fabric that I previously used for a shirt for Owen.  That way they could coordinate; which surprisingly, she still loves.  We’ll have to see how long that will last!  Hopefully we can get some pics of his soon so I can share those too!  The fabric is from Raspberry Creek Fabrics.


This is the Violet Tunic from Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop.  I resisted getting it for the longest time because I wasn’t sure if she would actually like it.  But she does, which is great because I plan on making some long sleeve ones for this winter.  She loves leggings, so tunics are perfect to pair with them.


Speaking of leggings!  I just remembered that I also made the leggings that she is wearing.  They are the free girl’s Leggin’s Pattern from Love Notions and they run sizes 2T-14.  I honestly made these so long ago, that I don’t fully remember much about them.  Leggings are pretty easy to make, but I feel like the rise is almost always too high for Lillian.  I wish I could recall if I ended up adjusting the rise!  I guess I’ll just have to make them again so I can write an actual review for you!


One of the things I love about the Violet Tunic is the side panels.  They make it really fun to mix and match fabrics.  There are so many combinations that you could do to get a different look each time.  I used three different fabrics for this one, but you could really use even more fabrics and still make an awesome shirt.  Overall, it was easier to sew than it looks.  The hardest part is getting the binding on the top of the pockets.  You have to stretch a little to make them fit and they seemed to shift every time I started to sew.

The only negative to this shirt is that I thought I was making a larger size in order for it to fit longer and it was actually more of a perfect fit instead of slightly big.  I’m not sure if I measured Lillian incorrectly or if it was the pattern.  Like I mentioned above, I plan on making more of them for her winter wardrobe, so we’ll find out soon.


I found a few pictures that I took with my phone to show that she really does wear this more than just for the photoshoot for my blog post.  In the above picture, she is holding a bunny at a zoo that is near my in-laws cabin.  No, we are not White Sox fans, she couldn’t find her hat, so she wore Owen’s t-ball hat and he just so happened to be on the White Sox team.


In this picture, she is practicing pitching at a local park.  Yes, she has shorts on!  I guess that is what I get for making a short sleeve tunic, knowing she is still going to wear it with shorts.  A mental note is taken for future makes!  I’m honestly just happy that she likes to wear what I make her.


Here is a flat lay to hopefully show some of the details of the shirt.

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate of Peek-A-Boo Pattern shop and Love Notions so I get compensated for any orders placed through the links in this post.